Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yes, I am reviving MWFC

It has been two years since I posted here, but my reasons for reviving this dormant little blog are happy ones. For one thing, in 2007, some weird events in my personal life had the effect of short-circuiting my filmmaking plans (along with, well, lots else). Also, I began devoting more and more of my attention to the atheism blog I administrate, The Atheist Experience, and as my time was stretched rather thin, I decided MWFC was the thing to go on the old back burner.

The good news is that I'm more or less back in the saddle where my film work is concerned. I have rededicated myself to my documentary, Bloody Work, throwing myself back into my research with a gratifying gusto I must confess I was afraid I'd lost in the wake of personal crises. (That it took two years to get my mojo back is an indicator of how crazy things got, but I'll leave that there for now.)

In the end, I think the delays have been all for the best. Call me the endless optimist. Today there are better cameras (more on that later), better post-production software, and more people I've met in the Austin film scene that I'm eager to work with. I think I'm capable of doing better work overall than I was before my hiatus.

I'll be posting here intermittently, not necessarily daily, but as often as I'm inspired to. One thing I plan to share here is some of the exciting research I'm doing on Bloody Work. I'll also post some of my opinions on the current state of film, though, as before, I hope to avoid making this just another lame movie review blog, which I never wanted it to be in the first place. However I will, I imagine, write posts directing people toward good movies they're likely to have overlooked. I'm a huge fan of The Criterion Collection, for one thing, and I believe there's a whole great world of filmmaking out there no one is experiencing, because their attentions are too bombarded with hype about the latest Transformers bombast, or similar Hollywood franchise. Hey, if you like those movies, fine. I'm no cinema snob. But then...I am too.