Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bashin’ II: Fundie Boogaloo

In the ongoing saga of right-wing Christian gay-hate focusing on Hollywood, this little piece of irony offered for your consideration:

There is an independent Christian film getting ready to make the rounds titled End of the Spear. It's based on a true story about five missionaries who were slaughtered by an Amazonian tribe. Setting aside the issue of how missionaries have done plenty to ruin indigenous cultures over the ages, the plot goes on to detail how the murdered men's families went back to the tribe to continue their mission, thus providing an example of courage, forgiveness and selfless love that stands as an example to all Christians today. And I can see how this message would resonate with a lot of Christians. Just not the right wingers.

For you see, there's a controversy already brewing about this movie. It seems that one of the lead roles is played by an actor named Chad Allen, who's — you're way ahead of me, aren't you — gay. So, led by a pastor in Florida, a campaign is underway to persuade the producers to "rectify this unfortunate situation" (exactly how is unclear, as the film is already in the can and ready for release). A scolding letter has been signed by about 100 pastors. But remember, they're not homophobic!

I admit to being a little puzzled myself as to why a gay person would affiliate himself with a religion that preaches he should be killed. Well, I know actors have to take the work wherever it's offered. Still, it would seem that there are people in the Christian community who would prefer End of the Spear's message of unconditional love be amended. You deserve love and forgiveness if you murder my family. But not if you're a fag. Go, Jesus!

Addendum: The numbers are in, and for the day following the Golden Globe awards, Brokeback Mountain leapt to #1, its per-screen average nearly three times that of last weekend's topper Glory Road. No, Mrs. B, America isn't going to see these movies, are they?

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