Friday, January 27, 2006

Heard something awesomely gross today

So there was this dead homeless guy found in a park in Austin some years ago. Anyway, it became clear, from the fact that his head was in a state commonly referred to as "bashed in," that foul play was involved. Due to the advanced state of the body's decomposition, identification was difficult. For instance, the flesh from the victim's hands had separated from his body, and the only way the medical examiners could get fingerprints from him was for one of their guys to slip the victim's hand-skin over his own hand as if it were a glove, and do the prints that way!

That's the kind of cool stuff you learn when you're a film and TV freelancer, without, like, actually having to see (and smell) it face to face the way the actual detectives and coroners did. Today I worked on a shoot for the Discovery Health Channel's forensics show Skeleton Stories, where I listened to some swell interviews with Austin D.A.'s who recounted tales of grisly local crimes I never knew a thing about. These folks really are passionate about justice. If I ever get my head bashed in by a lunatic, I hope they're on the case!

I have an inkling the work situation here in Austin will be better for 2006. A good start already, and my listing in this year's Texas Film Commission directory is bigger, new and improved, tastes great and is less filling. Nice to feel optimistic. From interviewing music celebrities, to hanging out in pools on South Padre surrounded by nubile and incoherent spring breakers, and listening to stomach churning stories of death and depravity, I wouldn't want to work in any other business. Now if only it were just a bit more regular...

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