Friday, January 06, 2006

Vote for me! Vote for me! Me! Me! Me!

Despite the dismal track record for video-game based movies — like, there hasn't been a good one yet — I'm hopeful about the movie based on my personal favorite franchise, Silent Hill, coming out just days before my birthday this year.

Tri-Star has done an interesting thing with this picture. They set up a contest on the official website for fans to design their own one-sheets for the film, using art and text files provided. I think the winning design will actually be one of the posters used in theater lobbies across this great nation of ours. The winner might get something else too. But — screw it — I designed one. And now it's up for voting. So click here and vote for my design, right this very instant. And if I win, then maybe, if the movie sucks, we can all say, "At least the poster was cool."

P.S.: Apparently you can vote once a day, every day until the contest ends! So hold nothing back! Vote early and often!

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Casey, Eye Witness News said...

I have been voting almost everyday! You should remind people that they can vote more than once! good luck!