Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Yet more articles about Bubble with titles punning on the word "bubble"

The rest of the entertainment mediasphere has taken note of Bubble's yawnerrific box-office performance. In an IMDb piece today, we read:

Mark Cuban, who owns Magnolia and the Landmark Theatres chain, said in a statement, "We are very happy with the results so far of this first day-and-date release, and while theatrical performance was not as high as we would have liked, it compared favorably to other similar films released this weekend."

Which it didn't, actually, as a quick scan of the weekend's numbers will clarify. In any case, I'm still intrigued by the strategy; I happen to think the world of Soderbergh, Cuban, Landmark, and what 2929 Entertainment and Magnolia Pictures are all doing to try to increase the profile of indie films. I'm thinking, though, that instead of their multiplatform release plan, which clearly hasn't worked as was hoped, they might have done better to try my vending machine idea. Hell, I bet Cuban could afford it!


jason said...


You should check out that new IMAX film "Roving Mars" that just opened. It is awesome! Sorry for the off-topic comment.

Martin Wagner said...

Don't be. I have every intention to see it. It looks like it'll be amazing!